NMR spectrographs

We are offering two cryogen-free benchtop NMR systems from our partner Oxford Instruments. The MQC benchtop NMR system is an NMR relaxometrie system while the Pulsar Benchtop NMR system is working at 60 MHz and does NMR spectroscopy.

The benchtop NMR MQC analyzer addresses a range of industry-specific quality control requirements using proven, reliable and easy-to-use technology.

In many industries there is a need to accurately, reliably and easily measure the amount of a viscous or liquid component in the presence of other solid materials. The MQC meets this requirement with a technology that avoids the necessity to separate the different phases. Sample preparation thus becomes trivial, eliminating the need for extensive operator training while providing fast and accurate results. In sum, this means a more consistent product for your manufacturing operations, better process control, and reduced costs.


Pulsar is an affordable, benchtop, cryogen-free NMR spectroscopy system that offers convenience without the special requirements associated with superconducting magnet instruments.


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