Electrically heated platens

From Specac

The electrically heated platens are mounted directly in the hydraulic press. The upper platen is attached to the lead screw of the press and moves up and down with the latter. The lower heated platen simply rests on the lower contact surface of the press. The heated platens can be used with Specac and Perkin-Elmer hydraulic presses.

Heatable up to 300 °C
Maximum load 15 t
Platen diameter 100 mm

The available maximum pressure is 15 t at a maximum pressure of 300 °C. The diameter of the platens is 100 mm. A thermocouple attached close to the platen surface shows actual temperature, which can be read on an automatic temperature controller. An integrated water cooling system prevents overheating of the platens and additionally shortens the cooling phase.


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