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Manual hydraulic presses for compressive loads of 15 t oder 25 t are compact laboratory presses and are ideally suited to the preparation of KBr discs or samples for X-ray fluorescence analysis. Polycarbonate safety guards and high ease of handling make these presses extremely user friendly.

Proven for decades
Safety guard
Adjustable pressure valve
Low-pressure conversion kits

The pressure gauge is graduated from 1 t to 15 t in 1-ton-increments. Low-pressure conversion kits for 0-1 t (part no. 315051), 0-2 t (part no. 315052) and 0-5 t (part no. 315055) comprise an additional low-pressure gauge, which is mounted to the press alongside the 15 t standard gauge. The low pressure gauge can be isolated from the system by means of a shut-off valve, although the 15 t pressure gauge will still register the loads applied. If the shut-off valve of the high resolution pressure gauge is open, the maximum load is preset by this pressure gauge. The low-pressure gauge has a finer graduation and is therefore better suited to applications where accurate load display is essential.

The maximum vertical working distance between the upper and lower contact surfaces is 159 mm, this clearance is adequate for the majority of laboratory units and accommodates evacuable dies. A 20 mm bore in the side wall enables feedthrough of vacuum hoses, so that the press die can be evacuated with the safety guard lowered. To produce films, e.g. from plastic granulate, heated platens can be mounted in the press, and film can be pressed under pressure and heat.


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