Evacuable press dies

From Specac

We provide fully evacuable press dies from hardened stainless steel for producing high-quality pellets ranging from 5 mm up to 40 mm in diameter. These press dies are used in conjunction with hydraulic presses.

Hardened stainless steel
Highly polished contact surfaces
Evacuable for clear KBr pellets

Common sizes for IR spectroscopy are KBr pellets with diameters of 5 mm to 13 mm. Larger press dies are used for producing pellets for X-ray spectroscopy or other industrial applications. The press die is composed of a base plate and press die housing with hollow inner cylinder, as well as two contact surfaces polished on one side, a plunger and seals. Contact surfaces and plunger are located in the inner cylinder. The sample is loaded between the polished contact surfaces. The plunger slightly protrudes from the press die housing. The necessary pressure on the sample is applied to the plunger by means of a hydraulic press. To remove air during the pressing process, a vacuum fitting is provided on each press die, either on the base plate or on the housing depending on die size.


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