8 t/ 15 t/ 25 t power assisted hydraulic press

Atlas from Specac

Atlas is a power assisted hydraulic press and is available in three version for compressive loads up to 8 t, 15 t and 25 t. The press is optimized for IR and XRF applications and can be used with all Specac accessories for sample preparation.

High ease of operation
Microprocessor controlled
Generates a pressure of 8 t, 15 t or 25 t
High working distance low noise level
Compatible with all Specac accessories for sample preparation

Presses from the Atlas series are suitable for a broad spectrum of applcations. They can be used with evacuable dies for producing KBr pellets or for XRF sample preparation. Further accessories are heated platens, e.g. for the production of thin polymer film. The Atlas 8 t press is also idealy suited to general pressing tasks, e.g. in the pharmaceutical industry. Atlas TM presses carry a full CE certification. The press can accommodate even large samples (up to 200 mm in diameter, working distance up to 155 mm) without any problem, and ensures controlled pressure buildup and release. The instrument also excels through low-noise operation. Safety guards are included in the standard configuration.


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