Variable angle ATR - 25x reflection

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The high number of reflections makes this ATR unit ideal for the analysis of samples with low-intensity bands. The capability of setting the angle of incidence within a range of 30° to 60° enables a variation of the depth of penetration of the IR radiation into the sample and allows recording of depth profiles.

25 reflections
Variable angle of incidence 30°-60°
ATR crystal made of KRS-5, Ge, Si or ZnSe
Interchangeable sample holders

The unit is mounted in the spectrometer's standard sample holder by means of a 3“x 2“ plate (76.2 mm x 50.8 mm), and is suitable for both FTIR and dispersive spectrometers. The scope of supply includes a fixed sample holder with 45° KRS-5 crystal. Other sample holders, for example for liquids and pastes, and further ATR crystals, are available as options. Sample holders are positioned on two pins, the angle of incidence is varied by means of a setting screw.

Measurements at different penetration depths


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