Single reflection diamond ATR - Quest

From Specac

Quest is a single reflection ATR unit from Specac for spectroscopy in the mid and far infrared spectral regions.

Robust, monolithic diamond
Extended wavelength range from 10000 to 40 wavenumbers available
High transmission and spectral quality
Interchangeable crystals: Diamond, ZnSe and Ge

As an ATR element, Quest is equipped as a standard feature with a monolithic diamond which is ideally suited to the analysis of solid samples and will not scratch or deteriorate, even at extremely high contact pressures. In addition, the chemical resistance of the diamond allows the analysis of a broad range of samples. The diamond diameter of 1.8 mm ensures good contact even in case of small sample quantities. The Quest's innovative optical design is based around all reflective gold-coated optics, and features Specac's Synopti-Focal Array technology with precision-moulded aspheric mirrors. The superior quality of the spectra results from the optimised angle of incidence on the ATR crystal, the extended wavelength capability, and high transmission. Four different crystals are available: A high-throughput diamond for MIR analysis (4000 – 400 cm-1), and extended wavelength range diamond for MIR und FIR (4000 – 40 cm-1), a ZnSe crystal for softer materials and a Ge crystal for highly absorbent samples. These crystals are mounted in a stainless steel puck and held in place against a robust metal seal to ensure compatibility with a broad range of samples. A full-function pressure tower enables a repeatable sample load.

The system provides an audible click to indicate that the preset maximum pressure has been reached. A flexible swing arm allows easy access to the ART crystal puck. The ART unit is available with plane and pellet anvils to allow analysis of samples of various shapes. These anvils are easily interchangeablde and stored on the top plate when not in use.


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