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Transmission spectroscopy is one of the basic techniques for IR analysis. The sample and wavelength to be analysed determine the choice of window material, path length and window arrangement. The Omni cell is universally applicable for the analysis of liquids and mulls and can be transformed in just a few steps from a sealed cell to a demountable cell, or used as a Nujol cell.

Universally applicable
Cost efficient and robust
Large selection of window materials
Fast assembly and window replacement

Liquids are analysed in transmission cells as a thin film between two IR windows. Type of cell, IR window materials and path length are determined by the sample and sample type to be analysed. Samples can be analysed neat or diluted with an appropriate solvent. For quantitative analysis, the sample is often analysed in a sealed cell with a known pathlength.

The selection of IR cell windows must take into account optical (transmission range), chemical and mechanical properties. We provide round and rectangular IR windows (with or without bore) in all common materials. Due to the hygroscopic nature of the materials of many IR cell windows and other accessories, storage in a dry atmosphere, such as a drying cabinet, is essential.


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