Low-noise CCD detectors

iDus and iVac series from Andor Technology

The iDus and iVac CCD detectors are designed with the lowest noise and highest quantum efficiencies to provide very sensitive and high dynamic range detectors for use in a wide range of both conventional and demanding spectroscopic applications. While die iDus CCD detectors can be cooled to -100°C, the iVac CCD models achieve very  fast spectral rates. The iDus and iVac series offer a variety of different sensor formats in order to optimize the detector for your specific application.

Front and back illuminated CCDs with anti-reflection coatings optimized for different wavelengths
Pixel sizes 15 µm, 16 µm and 26 µm
Thermo-electric cooling to -100 °C for negligible dark current
High quality 16 bit AD converter for low readout noise
USB 2.0 interface

The iDus and iVac are compact, yet feature-rich CCD detector series. They are suitable for demanding spectroscopy applications such as low-light photoluminescence or Raman spectroscopy as well as day-to-day routine laboratory operation and integration into industry-grade systems. The low-noise electronics offers excellent signal-to-noise ratios for a wide range of photon detection regimes. While the iDus series boast market-leading deep thermos-electric cooling to -100 °C for negligible dark current, the iVac CCD detectors offer much higher spectral acquisition rates due to their faster AD converter. Both series are complemented by Andor’s UltraVac technology for sustained vacuum integrity of the sensor. The popular ‘Low Dark Current Deep Depletion’ CCD sensor is available in the iDus 416 and the iVac 316 models. All iDus and iVac CCD detectors are compatible with the Shamrock spectrographs from Andor and with many 3rd party spectrographs.

Fluorescence and luminescence
Spectroscopy in the NIR and SWIR
Raman spectroscopy
Transmission, reflection, absorption measurements
Photoluminescence spectroscopy in WS2 monolayersM. Liang,
A. A. El Yumin,
J. Ye
Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials, University of Groningen,
The Netherlands
2018iDus DV420A-OE
Shamrock SR-500i-D1
Dark-field spectroscopy of single plasmonic nanostructuresS. Dickreuter,
D. P. Kern,
M. Fleischer
Institute for Applied Physics and Center LISA+, Eberhard Karls University Tübingen, Germany2017iDus DU416A-LDC-DD,
Shamrock SR-303i-B
Photoluminescence and ultrafast spin dynamics
in gate-controlled GaAs quantum wells
S. Anghel,
F. Passmann,
M. Betz
Experimentelle Physik 2,
TU Dortmund, Dortmund, Germany
2017iDus DV420A-OE
Shamrock SR-500i-B1-SIL
Surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy
with a single mode nanophotonic-plasmonic platform
F. PeyskensPhotonics Research Group, Center for Nano-and BioPhotonics, Ghent University,
2016iDus DU416A-LDC-DD
Shamrock SR-303i-A-SIL

Temperature dependent photoluminescence of cubic group III - nitridesT. Wecker,
M. Deppe,
D. Reuter,
D. J. As
Department of Physics, University of Paderborn, Germany2016iDus DU420A-BU2
Jobin-Yvon SPEX 370M
Photoluminescence spectroscopy of single-photon emitters in a WSe2 monolayerP. Tonndorf,
R. Bratschitsch
Institute of Physics and Center for Nanotechnology, University of Münster, Germany2015iDus DU420A-BR-DD
Shamrock SR-750-D1-SIL
Directional energy transfer in partly ordered polymer filmsP. Bojarski,
D. Jankowski et al
Institute of Experimental Physics, University of Gdańsk, Poland2014iVac DR324B-FI
Shamrock SR-303i-B
Raman spectroscopy of Si(111)- (7x7) surface vibration modes, using a single monochromator with CCD detectorU. Bass,
M. Liebhaber,
K.-M. Wolf,
B. Halbig,
J. Geurts
Experimental Physics III, University of Würzburg, Germany2014iDus DU401A-BVF
Femtosecond fluorescence spectroscopy based on the optical Kerr effectR. Mundt,
G. Ryseck,
P. Gilch
Insitute of Chemistry, University of Düsseldorf, Germany2014iDus DU420A-BU
Shamrock SR-303i-B
Thermoluminescence emission spectrometry of glass display in mobile phones and resulting evaluation of the dosimetric properties of a specific type of display glassM. Discher,
C. Woda
Institute of Radiation Protection, Helmholtz Zentrum München – German Research Center for Environmental Health, Neuherberg, Germany2014iDus DU420A-OE
Shamrock SR-163
Characterization of Organic Solar CellsM. C. ScharberLinz Institute for Organic Solar Cells, University of Linz, Austria2014 iDus DU420A-OE
iDus InGaAs DU490A-1.7
Shamrock SR-303i-B
NV-Centers in Nanodiamonds as Single-Photon SourceL. Liebermeister
Faculty of Physics, LMU München, Germany

iDus DU401A-BVF
Characterisation of photoluminescence of colloidal semiconductor  nanocrystalsB. Kardynal,
T. Stoica,
L. Xi
Peter Grünberg Institute-9, Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany2013
iDus DU401A-BV
iDus InGaAs DU490A-1.7
Shamrock SR303i-B-SIL
Spectrally resolved high-NA back focal plane imaging of fluorescence and nanolaser emission
F. Koenderink, H. Schokker, M. Kamp

Resonant Nanophotonics, AMOLF, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


iVac DR324B-FI
Clara DR328G-C02-SIL
Shamrock SR-303i-B-SIL
Optical properties of silver and silver-cluster-decorated dielectric core nanoparticles
M. Muldarisnur1,
A. Ezhova2,
K. Huber2,
T. Zentgraf1
1 Department of Physics, University of Paderborn, Germany
2 Department of Chemistry, University of Paderborn, Germany

iDus DU420A-BR-DD
Shamrock SR-303i-B

Size and Shape dependent Photoluminescence Properties of Diamondoids and Cyclohexane
R. Richter,
D. Wolter,
T. Zimmermann,
L. Landt,
A. Knecht,
C. Heidrich,
A. Merli,
J. Dahl,
R. Carlson,
T. Möller,
T. Rander

Institute of Optics and Atomic Physics, Technical University Berlin, Germany

iDus DU420A-BU2
Shamrock SR-303i-B
Amplification of surface plasmons with quantum dots
R. Kiselev,
M. Falkner,
A. Chipouline
Institute of Applied Physics, University of Jena, Germany2013iDus DU420A-BR-DD
Shamrock SR-750-B2
Versatile spectrometry in an educational environmentM. de Bock
Applied Physics, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands
iVac DR324B-FI
Shamrock SR-500i-B1

Confocal spectroscopy and microscopy in engineering education
I. Beckers,
J. Landskron

Insitute of Physics, University of Applied Sciences Berlin, Germany

iDus DU420A-OE
Shamrock SR-303i-A

Optical spectroscopy in biomedical engineering

B. Kessler,
W. Kullmann

Institute for Medical Engineering, University of Applied Sciences Würzburg, Schweinfurt, Germany
iDus DV420A-OE
iDus InGaAs DU490A-1.7
Shamrock SR-303i-B
Visual communication based on color signals in aquatic environments
I. P. Rick,
D. Meuthen
Institute for Evolutionary Biology and Ecology, University of Bonn, Germany2012 iDus DV420A-OE
Shamrock SR-163
Raman and near infrared spectroscopy of crystalline and amorphous siliconC. Schwarz,
P. Seidel
Institute of Solid State Physics, University of Jena, Germany2011 iVac DR324B-FI
Shamrock SR-500i-B1
Reaction Monitoring using UV- Resonance Raman SpectroscopyW. Browne,
S. Abdolahzadeh,
A. Draksharapu

Institute for Chemistry, University of Groningen, The Netherlands

iDus DV420A-BU2
Shamrock SR-303i-B
UV resonance Raman spectroscopy for micromolar detection of fluorescent compounds
W. R. Browne,
A. Draksharapu,
S. Abdolahzadeh

Institute for Chemistry, University of Groningen, The Netherlands
iDus DV420A-BU2
Shamrock SR-303i-B
Measurement of Phase Equilibria States on Levitated Drops by Raman Spectroscopy
S. Baer,
C. Esen,
G. Schweiger,
A. Ostendorf
Institute of Laser Applications Technology, University of Bochum, Germany2010 iDus DU420A-OE,
Chromex 250is

Optical emission spectroscopy for plasma diagnostics

A. Meiners
Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Göttingen, Germany2010iDus DV401-BV
Shamrock SR-303i-B

Optical transmission spectra for analysis of bloodcomponents and -gases

H. Gehring,
B. Weber
University Medical Center of Schleswig- Holstein and University of Applied Sciences Lübeck, Germany2010iDus DU420-BR-DD
iDus InGaAs DU490A-2.2
Shamrock SR-303i-B
High–Pressure Raman Spectroscopy on Zircon ZrSiO4H. J. Reichmann,
S. Speziale

GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences, Potsdam, Germany
iDus DU401A-BV
Shamrock SR-500-C1
Microspectroscopy of single noble-metal nanoparticlesF. Hallermann
I. Institute of Physics, RWTH Aachen, Germany


DU420-OE 1
Spatially and spectrally resolved Photoluminescence from single self-assembled Quantum DotsC. Bonato,
J. Gudat,
D. Bouwmeetser

Huygens Laboratory, Institute of Physics, Leiden, The Netherlands
2010iDus DU401A-BR-DD
Raman Microspectroscopy of Thin Film Silicon for the Application in Solar Cells
F. Köhler,
S. Muthmann
Institute of Energy Research, Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany2010iDus DU420A-BU
Jobin-Yvon SPEX 270M

Raman Spectroscopy on Metal Oxide Thin Films

N. Bahlawane

Institute of Physical Chemistry I, University of Bielefeld, Germany
2010iDus DU420A-BV

A hybrid Approach to Build up Photonic Device
S. Schietinger, O. Benson
Department of Physics, Humboldt University Berlin, Germany
iDus DU401A-UVB
Acton SpectraPro 500
iXon DV885 LC-VP 4

MAX-DOAS measurements of bromine monoxide (BrO)

F. Wittrock
Institute of Environmental Physics, University of Bremen, Germany2009 iDus DV420A-BU
Shamrock SR-163
Ultra-short Pulse Diagnostic with Spectral Phase Interferometry
F. Tavella

DESY, Hamburg, Germany
iDus DV420A-OE
Shamrock SR-303i-B
Tissue Imaging on Mesoscopic ScaleC. Spitz,
K.-H. Schönborn
Chair of Photonics, University of Potsdam and W.O.M. World of Medicine AG, Germany2008iDus DU420A-OE
Acton SpectraPro 300

Astrochemistry of Inter- and Circumstellar Matter

H. Linnartz

Leiden Observatory, University of Leiden, The Netherlands

iDus DV420A-OE
Shamrock SR-303i-A
Photolumineszenz- und Ramanspektroskopie an einzelnen KohlenstoffnanoröhrenA. Hartschuh
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and Center for NanoScience, Ludwig Maximilians University Munich, Germany
2007iDus DU420A-BR-DD
Shamrock SR-303i-A
Weißlichtspektroskopie an nanostrukturierten GoldoberflächenA. Grujic,
U. Bovensiepen,
M. Wolf
Faculty of Physics, Free University Berlin, Germany
iDus DV420A-OE
Oriel Instruments MS260i
Emissionsspektroskopie für die Ionenquellendiagnostik
S. Weis,
K.-H. Schartner
Institute of Physics I, University of Giessen, Germany2005 DV420-OE 1

Differential Optical Absorption Spetroscopy  (DOAS)

F. Wittrock
Institute of Environmental Physics, University of Bremen, Germany2004 iDus DV420A-BU
DV440-BU 3
Oriel Instruments MS257
Oriel Instruments MS260i
Schwingungsspektroskopie  mit CCD-DetektorS. Eschborn,
R. Feile

Institute of Solid State Physics, Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany
2004 iDus DU420A-BV
Jobin-Yvon spectrograph
Pulscharakterisierung  durch Spider-VerfahrenT. BinhammerMax Planck Institute of Nuclear Physics, Heidelberg, Germany2004iDus DU420A-OE
Oriel Instruments MS260i
Test der Transportfähigkeit von Na+/H+ Antiportnern mittels Laserinduzierter  FluroeszenzT. Reeck,
A. Teubner
Institute of Biophysics, University of Hannover, Germany2003 DB401-UV 2
Oriel Instruments MS125

Lumineszierende Minerale aus dem All
A. Kaus
Federal Institute of Geosciences and Natural Resources, Hannover, Germany


DV420-OE 1
Oriel Instruments MS125

DU420 and DV420 replaced by iDus 420
DB401 replaced by iDus 401
DV440 replaced by Newton 940
iXonr 885 replaced by iXon 888


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