Compact hyperspectral cameras

FX10 & FX17 from SPECIM

The cost-effective FX10 is a compact camera for the spectral range 400 nm to 1000 nm. It uses fast optics for high light throughput, high sensitivity, short integration times and a high signal-to-noise ratio. FX10 runs with a spectacular frame rate of 330 fps using 1024 spatial pixels and 220 spectral bands. By reducing the number of spectral bands, the frame rate can be pushed to 9900 fps. FX10 is available with either a high speed CameraLink interface or GigE output.

FX17 is a near infrared hyperspectral camera for spectral information in the range of 900 nm to 1700 nm. It uses a high-resolution InGaAs detector with a high spatial resolution of 640 pixels. FX17 is equipped with an F/1.7 Specim lens. Thanks to its high light throughput is features a high signal-to-noise ratio of 1000:1 and short integration times. Because of this there is limited need for external illumination and high frame rates of 670 fps full frame become possible. FX17 offers a high spectral resolution in 230 spectral bands. With the provided SDK the number of analyzed spectral bands can be reduced to achieve a frame rate of up to 15000 fps with four bands.

Wavelength ranges: 400 - 1000 nm (FX10)
Wavelength ranges: 900 - 1700 nm (FX17)
Spatial resolution: 1024 pixels (FX10)
Spatial resolution: 640 pixels (FX17)
Frame rates: full frame 330 Hz, 9900 Hz with fewer spectral bands (FX10)
Frame rates: full frame 670 Hz, 15000 Hz with fewer spectral bands (FX17)


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