Optical lens alignment and measurement stations for precision optics

In the production of precision optics, lens positioning and alignment with micrometer accuracy plays an important role. For more than 20 years, Opto-Alignment has been developing laser-based, non-contact alignment stations (LAS) with micrometer accuracy. The laser wavelength can be chosen between the UV and the FIR.  Through reflection on the rotating sample, the laser beam is detected and analyzed, which allows conclusions on lens tilt and decentration.

Opto-Alignments own software CalcuLens is compatible with all LAS systems. It enables TIR value measurements, data storage for quality reports, easy network connection and much more.

In addition to optical lens-alignment stations we offer useful tools for lens handling and cleaning. With our models ROTOwand and Lens Handler, lenses are handled much faster and with much less mechanical damage than with conventional tweezers. 

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