Research radiometric / photometric light meter

ILT 1700 from International Light Technologies

The ILT1700 Research Radiometer / Photometer is one of the most versatile current measurement instruments on the market. Designed specifically to measure photo detector current the ILT1700 maintains unmatched linearity over a 10 decade dynamic range.

10 Decade measurement range
0,1 % Linearity
NIST traceable calibration with certificate
Automatic ranging, zeroing, shut-off and relative mode (100%)
Automatic ranging, zeroing, shut-off and relative mode (100%)
Large array of available application specific and general purpose detectors

The ILT 1700 has one of the world’s largest selections of application-specific and general purpose pre-configured detectors available to complete your system, and the ILT1700 can store up to 10 calibration factors in memory for use with multiple detectors or individual configurations. Add the A803 multiplexer / datalogger for long-term, continuous monitoring and light measurement data collection from up to eight (8) ILT detectors.

Measurement range0.2 picoAmps to 200 milliAmps (Optical units will depend on sensor selection). Minimum display resolution is 0.01x10-11 Amps
Linearity±0.1%, ±1 digit on the top 8 decades of measurement range and ±0.2%, ±1 digit on the bottom 2 decades
Refresh rate2 Readings/second standard (options for 4 or 8 readings/second available)
Power90-130/180-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 8-15 VDC external or 6 internal "C" cell NiCad rechargeable batteries
Size90 x 220 x 240 mm
Weight2.3 kg
Flashlight Measurement
Germicidal (UV Disinfection)
Optical Radiation Hazard
Plant Photobiology - PAR ( Photosynthetically Active Radiation )


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