Mid and longwave infrared cameras

Cameras in the mid infrared wavelength range 3-5 µm are already considered thermal imaging cameras, but the focus is on high-quality images rather than temperature measurements and mobility. The main detector materials in the mid infrared are InSb and MCT. Both camera systems are offered as large format and high-speed cameras. All cameras of the Tigris series come with a built-in filter wheel, full trigger option, and GigE Vision, analog and CameraLink interface. Our InSb infrared cameras are also available with an enhanced spectral range of 1,5 – 5,4 µm.

The main application fields are non-destructive testing, scientific applications with a focus on high temperature resolution and frame rate, and usage as spectral camera and thermal imaging camera in surveillance.

Our longwave infrared cameras Gobi and Gobi+ take advantage of high-quality microbolometer detectors which are combined with high performance electronics. This leads to uncooled LWIR cameras with unsurpassed image quality in the market.

Although our uncooled microbolometer cameras are small and light weight their image quality is the reason that they are well known as scientific measurement systems.

The Gobi family represents high performance uncooled thermal cameras. They measure and display temperature differences in various scenes.


Tigris is a high performance cooled mid infrared camera. Temperature differences as small as 0.025 K can be analyzed.


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