Application: Material science

You will not find any other direct detector in the market that is offering the same flexibility and capacity for material science application like the DE cameras detector.

The direct detection cameras from Direct Electron are very flexible and combine ultra-high resolution with a large dynamic range. This flexibility makes the cameras an ideal candidate for the different applications in the material sciences like:

  • High-resolution TEM (HRTEM)
  • Energy-filtered TEM (EFTEM)
  • Scanning TEM (STEM)
  • Electron Holography

The Direct Electron cameras use a different internal architecture and detection principle compared to the traditional scintillator based cameras which enable them to reach an unseen resolution, a very high sensitivity, a large field-of-view and a large dynamic range.  The cameras are very flexible in their use and are characterized by:

  • Highly versatile
  • Low-dose imaging capability
  • Large field-of-view
  • High-speed imaging


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