Plasma system for laboratory use Flecto PC-MFC

from Plasma Technology

Flecto-PC-MFC is a compact and cost-effective instrument for laboratory use and small-volume applications. The implemented KHz generator technique eliminates the need for sophisticated electronics and impedance adaptation as is required for MHz generators.

Plasma asher
Plasma etcher
Plasma cleaner
Plasma surface modification
PC control, operation through integrated industrial 6.5“ touch screen, including control and process software
Process creation and storage

The instrument operates fully automatically and enables the user to create, store and modify processes or recipes. One recipe may contain an arbitrary number of process steps. This enables even complex processes to be performed repeatedly at the push of a button. The integrated industrial-grade touch screen allows existing recipes to be modified and adapted to specific requirements.


  • Vacuum sensor for aggressive gases
  • Evaporator valve for fogging fluids used instead of process gas (only for one gas line)
  • Oxygen concentrator - stand-alone instrument to concentrate oxygen from air. Can be used instead of bottled oxygen. Granulate filtering. Oxygen of approx. 95% purity. Granulate charge good for approx. 5,000 operating hours.
  • TEMprobeclean reactor door with port for TEM sample holder for fast and efficient cleaning. Stainless steel design with port KF25 incl. viewing window KF16.
  • TEM-specific vacuum port for TEM sample holder

Please note: Though stainless steel reactors are not recommended for applications involving argon they may be used. Argon erodes surfaces. The erosion products may contaminate your samples.

The use of MHz generators is mandatory for applications involving wafers (stripping, etc.) and crystal grid structural analysis like TEM.

Ashing of organic constituents
Cleaning of TEM sample holders and all sample surfaces
Structuring or etching of surfaces
Modification of surface properties (hydrophilic / hydrophobic)
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