Particle disperser

Nebula from Thermo Fischer Scientific

The Nebula particle disperser was designed to prepare powders and particles in an ideal way to investigate and characterize them on a scanning electron microscope (SEM). The dry powder is sucked into a vacuum chamber and therefore nebulized (dry dispersion). In that way the powder is dispersed irrespective of size, shape or weight. Investigations on grain sizes, monodispersity etc. can be realized on monolayer distributed materials.

For particle sizes between 100 nm and 1,5 mm
Vacuum 10 mbar to 800 mbar
For SEM-stubs with 3,2 mm pins
Preparation in 60 seconds, simple mechanics, simple cleaning
Vacuum chamber including valve, oil free membrane pump and manual vacuum control (8 kg)

Preparation of powders in order to characterize them in a SEM is often a challenge. Dispersing in liquids with following drying leads most likely to agglomerations of particles.
The procedure with the Nebula in contrast is simple, fast and reproducible. A small amount of the material is loaded in front of the special designed valve, vacuum is set and the powder is sucked in abruptly. In vacuum particles are only influenced by gravity independent from shape or weight.
The Nebula guarantees almost optimum dispersed nano and micro scaled particles on a SEM-stub.


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