AFSEM - correlative AFM and SEM

The AFSEM system enables you to combine the possibilities of your SEM with the capabilities of an atomic force microscopy (AFM). The AFSEM is compatible with most SEM and FIB/SEM systems on the market and can easily added to your system. Due to the unique design of the AFSEM™ system it will not interfere with other methods of your system (e.g. FIB, FEBID, EDX) but will add information regarding the structure of your sample.


SCL-Sensor.Tech develops and manufactures silicon piezo-resistive self-sensing cantilevers. This type of all-electrical cantilever allows completely new applications in the fields of AFM, nanoprobing, force measurement and other sensing applications.

Self-sensing cantilevers are equipped with a full piezo-resistive Wheatstone bridge that directly measures the cantilever signal electrically, removing the space-consuming requirement for an optical readout. Two variable resistors are on the cantilever and two on the chip. The cantilever chip is bonded onto a small PCB with a small connector for a quick and highly reproducible cantilever exchange. The sensor signal is read out and amplified by a small pre-amplifier PCB. This enables an easy and seamless integration with various instruments (e.g., SEM, TEM and many other measurement systems). The self-sensing cantilevers are available with a variety of resonance frequencies and spring constants.


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