Cold stage and cold trap PP3005 SEMCool from Quorum Technologies

SEMCool PP3005 is a combination of a cooling table/sample holder and a separately controllable cooling trap. This system creates a sample cooling down to -190 °C (± 0.5 °C). At normal operating temperatures the specimen can be cooled up to 24 hours without refilling the dewar.

Sample cooling down to -190 °C (± 0.5 °C)
Continuous cooling up to 24 hours without refilling
Independent cooling of the sample holder and cold trap
Upgrade to PP3006 (CoolLok) possible
3-year warranty

The PP3005 SEMCool consists of a cooling trap whose temperature can be controlled separately and a thermally isolated cooling stage/sample holder. Position and shape of the cold trap are adapted to the conditions in the respective SEM. Both cold stage and cold trap can be operated at temperatures down to -90 °C with a stability of ± 0.5 °C. LED lighting is fitted in the chamber to facilitate easy specimen exchange.

Feedthroughs for cooling, temperature control and LED lighting are mounted on a suitable flange. The cold stage is mounted on the SEM sample stage using an adapter and is provided with a dovetail connector to accommodate cryo sample holders. It can be decoupled and kept safely inside the chamber when the cooling table is not used. The cooling table and cold trap are supplied by an isolated 21-liter dewar with heat exchangers outside the vacuum chamber. The gas lines between the dewar and the REM are evacuated for maximum thermal efficiency. At normal operating temperatures specimens can be cooled up to 24 hours without refilling the dewar.

PP3005 SEMCool: non-airlock cooling system

  • Nitrogen, gas-cooled stage with heater and sensor and cold trap with temperature sensor
  • Precise temperature control with a range down to -190 °C
  • 21-liter liquid nitrogen dewar with trolley, heat exchanger and LED chamber light
  • Pump fittings
  • Temperature and nitrogen gas flow controller mounted on the dewar trolley

Specimen holders:

  • 3 x specimen shuttle (to hold 10 mm Ø cryo stubs)
  • 1 x blank specimen shuttle
  • 1 x specimen shuttle with holding clips
  • 10 x blank 10 mm Ǿ stubs
  • 5 x multi-purpose specimen stubs


Rotary pump required for evacuating the vacuum-isolated gas lines.

Options and accessories:

Sircal in-line gas dryer to reduce the nitrogen gas supply water content where an external gas source is used.

All specimen holders available with the PP3010T can also be used with PP3005.


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