PP3004 QuickLok from Quorum Technologies

The PP3004 airlock QuickLok has been designed for rapid sample launching at room temperature in an SEM, FIB/SEM etc. and for sample transport under vacuum or inert gas. The lock needs a free flange space and can be individually adapted to the existing system.

Fast sample exchange
Vacuum and inert gas transfer
Optional upgrade to PP3006 Coollok
Custom-designed sample holders available
3-year warranty

The PP3004 QuickLok consists of three components:

  • The sample port is mounted to a suitable, customized flange. QuickLok PP3004 consists of a chamber with integrated controllers for pumps, venting and transfer and connections to the pump and ventilation system.
  • The compact vacuum transfer chamber has a bayonet fitting with a sample holder with dovetail profile (shuttle). Standard sample holders are included. A wide range of optional holders allow the adaptation to different samples.
  • The sample stage of the SEM chamber is retrofitted with a special table adapter for receiving sample holders. Further included is an LED light chamber, which is mounted on the inside of the QuickLok. The light turns on automatically when the sample is transferred.

PP3004 QuickLok: airlock/transfer system

Airlock assembly:

  • Pump, vent and transfer control buttons
  • Gate valve and fittings to the pumping system
  • Customized interface flange to the microscope vacuum chamber
  • SEM dovetail stage to accept the specimen holder
  • LED chamber light (interlocked)
  • Specimen transfer device for vacuum or inert gas transfer

Specimen holders

  • Specimen shuttle with holding clips
  • Specimen shuttle blank
  • Specimen shuttle (to hold a 10 mm diameter specimen stub)
  • Blank 10 mm stubs – packet of 10


The PP3004 QuickLok requires either a rotary pump or an oil-free, high vacuum turbomolecular pumping station (recommended).


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