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Opto-Alignment laser alignment systems – Easy optical measurements of precision optics

Top articles from Edition 22 (11/15)

Superconductivity – New temperature record achieved

It smells of rotten eggs but still fasci­nates physicists around the world ... hydrogen sulfide H2S. Normally, hy­­dro­gen sulfide is a poisonous and...

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Opto-Alignment laser alignment systems – Easy optical measurements of precision optics

We now offer a laser alignment and assembly station (LAS) that allows a sub-micron determination of lens centration and tilt.

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About us


Sakina Chetouane, an employee of LOT-QuantumDesign France, celebrated her 30th LOT-QD anniversary on February 26th 2015.

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Cryostation options: Adding lenses

More customers are adding lenses in­-side the Cryostation to accommo­date their experiments. In several instances aspheric lenses were added either...

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The new optical cryostat: Please welcome Cryostation C2!

If you perform optical measurements at low temperatures, you should check out the Cryostation C2. The Cryostation can easily be integrated into...

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Automated 3D Raman imaging system for industrial labs

The WITec apyron imaging system has been developed to overcome the gap between ease-of-use and ultimate capability in Raman imaging. It is ideal for...

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Fascination solar eclipse – a hit with the crowds

Until the early modern period, a solar eclipse was considered an ominous sign of the gods. On the other hand, it was a solar eclipse that ended the...

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Hyperspectral imaging for the online characterization of fine mixtures in WEEE mechanical recycling systems

The recycling market is one of the key industries for closing material loops and achieving global sustainable development.

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Lensless coherence diffraction imaging – Application note

Soft-X-ray microscopy using atomic inner-shell excitations can provide a uni­que window into the structure and dynamics of the nanoworld.

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New exoplanet-hunting telescopes on Paranal NGTS facility has achieved first light

This new facility, built by a UK, Swiss and German consortium, is located at ESO’s Paranal Observatory in northern Chile and benefits from the superb...

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Life sciences

Optical tweezers Tweez250 by Aresis – Capture particles, set traps

The optical tweezer Tweez250 boasts a compact design combined with highest precision and accuracy. Its core is a powerful, extremely stable laser that...

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Quartz Crystal Microbalance with Dissipation Monitoring – QCM-D by Q-Sense

Q-Sense instruments track changes on surfaces based on the patented QCM-D technology. To achieve this, the mass of a molecular layer that forms on the...

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Light & lasers

Wireless light measurement technology – Great versatility for individual tasks

Light has a variety of effects at different wavelengths. Light measurement systems correctly measure the relevant parts of light; for example when...

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Materials science

Characterization of magnetic properties – new VSM features

The Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (VSM) by MicroSense is a measurement system to characterize magne­tic properties like DC magnetization. Different...

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Dynamic Fizeau interferometer combined with motorized metrological station

LOT-QuantumDesign France now boasts 15 years of experience in optics characterization with Zygo laser interferometers. Zygo have developed a new...

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Ferromagnetic resonance at low temperatures

NanOsc has launched two new CryoFMRs to determine magnetic properties by ferromagnetic resonance (FMR) at low temperatures. The CryoFMRs were...

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First publications show the full potential of Optofluidics' NanoTweezer

In 2015 the first publications on the characterization of individual (nano) particles with the NanoTweezer have been published: “Nanophotonic Force...

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High-temperature nanoindentation in vacuum with the NanoTest Xtreme

With the nanomechanical measuring platform NanoTest, Micro Materials had already developed a universal nanoindenter with a wide range of options to...

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How to get the most out of your Quantum Design VSM

The Vibrating Sample Magnet­ometry (VSM) technique is quite impressive: it is fast and sensitive, and uses a simple measurement scheme to determine...

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News from our QD demo lab: Amagnetic is not the same as non-magnetic

In search of suitable material for low temperatures and high magnetic fields, we accidentally came across a brass alloy.

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PPMS-based Raman set up at high magnetic field, high pressure and low temperature

Electron systems like transition metal oxides have magnetic, electric and dielectric or optical and photovoltaic properties, which are strongly...

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Particle surface analysis: Near field light scattering to analyze nanoparticle coatings

As a particle’s size decreases, the importance of its surface properties increase. At nanoparticle scales, much of their overall behavior is...

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Professor Cowburn appointed IEEE Distinguished Lecturer

Durham Magneto Optics (DMO) founder and Chief Executive, Prof. Russell Cowburn, has been elected one of the IEEE Magnetics Society Distinguished...

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VSM users – Leibniz Institute for Applied Geophysics (LIAG)

In April 2014, the Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (VSM) EZ7 was in­stalled in the magnetics lab “Gruben­hagen” at the LIAG in Einbeck, Ger­many. The...

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World’s fastest cryogenic refrigerator released – The ADR option for the PPMS

On September 3rd, 2014 Quantum Design Japan and Tohoku University launched a press release for the introduction of the “World’s fastest <100 mK...

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High-power-resistant UV-polarizers from 190 nm from Moxtek

Polarized radiation is used in many spectroscopic applications, in projectors, medical imaging technology, head-up displays and military technology.

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