Short encyclopedia of optical cryostats from Montana Instruments

The comprehensive new website from Montana Instruments is particularly interesting for all that work with sophisticated cryo-optical experiments, but also of great relevance to scientists not currently seeking to purchase a new cryostat.

Bild von Hila Workstation

Montana Instruments (MI) is specialized in optical cryostats with very low vibrations. They are market leader in powerful, highly flexible cryo-solutions that require high mechanical stability. Their outstanding and innovative customer support is reflected in their new website. Apart from detailed and exceptionally documented product descriptions, it provides comprehensive information and tips on general cryotechnology topics:

  • How do you place feedthroughs to the sample holder without raising the temperature?
  • How do you identify thermal loads?
  • How do you reduce vibrations?

Many of these articles are universal and can be applied to other cryo-setups. On the website you will find numerous technical drawings, informative data, How-To videos and white papers. Often it refers to the scientific work of diverse research groups. More optical cryostats...


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