Increase your helium liquefaction rate with brand-new ATL160+

Increase helium liquefaction rate

With our brand-new, lab-scale helium liquefier ATL160+, you can increase your helium liquefaction rate to 30+ liters per day.

ATL160+ uses a specially developed cover for the cold head to always liquefy at higher pressure. This increases efficiency and is a nice improvement compared to our well-established ATL160 with an already impressive liquefaction rate of 17 – 22 liters per day.

Liquid helium in the ATL160+ system always stays at atmospheric pressure, so it can be transferred at any time.

Did you know? Anybody can operate our ATL systems! You don’t need any special experience or skills - which makes them the perfect source of liquid helium for any cryo lab.

Check out our helium recovery brochure for more information


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