How to easily clean helium of hydrogen impurities

Impurities in helium gas can cause serious problems for cryostats. Even sub-ppm concentration of hydrogen in liquid helium for example can cause blockages of capillaries or needle valves used for temperature control. Read on to find out how to easily clean your helium gas from all kinds of impurities including molecular hydrogen.

For a long time, the idea that hydrogen dissolves in helium has been nothing but a rumor. Finally, Miguel Gabal et al. from the University of Zaragoza has published a paper that quantitatively describes this effect [Ref. 1].

Compared with typical impurities like oxygen, nitrogen and water it is apparently quite hard to remove hydrogen from helium completely. However, we now offer a cartridge that removes all typical impurities (except for rare gases) by chemical adsorption. Simply put the cartridge into your helium gas line and wait for it to do its job.

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[Ref. 1]: M. Gabal et al. “Hydrogen-free liquid-helium recovery plants: the solution for low-temperature flow impedance blocking”, Physical review applied 6, 024017 (2016)


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