Hot off the press: Research paper on the new PPMS dilatometer option

The Quantum Design USA research team has just published an exciting open access paper about the new PPMS dilatometer.

The QD Physical Property Measurement System PPMS is a platform for ready-to-start measurements in the temperature range 1.9 K to 400 K. It covers fields up to 9 T, 14 T, or 16 T. A dilatometer measures changes in the volume of the sample. The paper “An ultrasensitive Differential Capacitive Dilatometer” describes the functional principle of this brand-new technique, and the sample capsule setup. It also depicts a measurement of URu2Si2 which exhibits magnetic ordering and de Haas-van Alphen oscillations in aluminum.

Paper: Dinesh Martien et al., IEEE Transactions on Magnetics Vol. 55, Iss. 2, Feb. 2019

More information about PPMS




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