Customized helium liquefaction plant set-up

Having a proper liquid helium recovery plant leaves you independent of external helium supply and saves money. An Advanced Technology Liquefier (ATL) set-up can already be worth it from a consumption of as little as 10 liters per day.

Let us be your project managing partner from the first idea to the ATL plant installation.  Together, we will find the best set-up solution for your liquefaction needs. From our large portfolio of suppliers, we will ensure you get the most suitable parts at the very best conditions. Eventually, our service engineers will take care of the final installation. 

Choose between direct recovery or medium- / high-pressure recovery solutions. Direct recovery is the simplest, most cost-effective set-up. The cryostat is directly connected to the ATL system without any storage or gas cleaning. Like our medium-pressure plants, the direct recovery solution is suitable for one or two cryostats like PPMS or MEG.

Our medium- or high-pressure solutions include gas storage and cleaning. High-pressure plants are generally advisable for multi-system environments.

Contact us to find out what is best suited for your particular requirements.


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