InGaAs detectors – less noise in the NIR

Fig.1: Dark current measurement Bobcat 640: previous (orange) and new (blue) detector
Fig.1: Dark current measurement Bobcat 640: previous (orange) and new (blue) detector

Xenics is a well-known European manufacturer of IR and NIR cameras. It is a lesser-known fact that Xenics also develop and produce their own InGaAs detectors. 

InGaAs detectors are used for applications in the near infrared from 900 - 1700 nm. Special detector production technologies allow ranges extended into the visible from 400 - 1700 nm.

Xenics’ large-format (640 x 512 pixels) InGaAs detectors have just been greatly improved further: They feature 50 % less dark current compared to before. This results in a much better signal-to-noise ratio, an extended dynamic range and less noise. It is a great advantage for all applications with low signals and long exposure times. The modified large-format InGaAs sensors are used in the NIR camera types Bobcat 640 and Cheetah 110 TE3.  Cheetah 110 TE3 is ultra-sensitive and thus particularly suited for long integration times. 

These cameras are automatically integrated in the new detector unit and can be obtained under the previous terms.

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