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Top articles from Edition 26 (11/2017)

SCREEN Cell3iMagers for robust and high-throughput profiling of 3D microtissues growth and morphology

3D microtissues or spheroids are more and more used in drug discovery and development as a more representative biological model for testing drug...

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Low-temperature Raman spectroscopy with high collection efficiency

More and more, Raman measurements are used at various temperatures to gain data like for example the anharmonicity of photons which has a great impact...

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Themes in this issue

Looking close – LOT-QuantumDesign photo competition at the Microscopy Conference in Lausanne, Switzerland

With 500 participants and a huge exhibition from manufacturers and distributors, the Microscopy Conference in Lausanne was the most important...

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Integration of the Sparrow Quantum single-photon chip with the Cryo-Optic X-Plane system

Montana Instruments has been well-known to offer excellent vibration stabilities in their closed-cycle optical cryostats. One of the new developments...

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Quick guide on which temperature sensor to choose for low-temperature experiments

hoosing the correct temperature sensor can be difficult especially for the very first low-temperature experiment. However, different sensor types have...

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Electron microscopy

Exclusive chance for the small budget – in situ TEM-heating Wildfire from DENSsolutions

We sell our reliable demo TEM-heating systems Wildfire S3 (single tilt) and Wildfire D6 (double tilt) from DENSsolutions for either JEOL or FEI.

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New: IR camera Gobi640 – now without temperature calibration

Our long wave microbolometer camera Gobi640 with GigE interface is now available without temperature calibration. The camera provides a 16bit IR...

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Specim now present their compact cameras FX10 and FX17 with Gigabit Ethernet Interface

All cameras of the FX series feature an outstandingly small, lightweight and rugged design. The main focus is on quick and easy integration in...

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Light & lasers

Our partner LEJ present their portfolio – high-performance illumination and power electronic solutions

LEJ is your provider of high-performance illumination as well as power electronic solutions in the fields of microscopy, analytics, semiconductor,...

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Materials science

Introduction to broadband FMR spectroscopy

Todays and future technologies like magnetic memories, sensors, logics, and microwave signal processing are based on magnetic thin films. Attached...

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New PPMS options – optical experiments and spectroscopy

Preferred measurements are heat capacity, magnetic properties or transport phenomena – all of which are important parameters to analyze and understand...

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New PPMS-option – “Multi-Function Probe” with optical fibers

The Multi-Function Probe or MFP is a universal sample holder for the PPMS that allows users to incorporate their own experiment into the system. For...

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Solid-state physics with ultrasound – new PPMS options

With this option there is now for the first time a commercial solution for measurements of elastic properties by ultrasound available.

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Contrast Max – IBS (Ion Beam Sputtered) optical filters

These filters are produced with special IBS technology (Ion Beam Sputtered) and have been specifically designed for automized imaging processes.

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Kymera 328i – a mythical creature turns real

“Lion-fronted and snake behind, a goat in the middle and snorting out the breath of the terrible flame of bright fire.” This is how Homer described...

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Speed of light in slow-motion – up to a billion images per second

When measuring and analyzing ultrafast optical signals, the AD converter often works as “bottleneck” and puts limitations on the achievable speed....

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