Workshop QCM-D-Technology

Fraunhofer-Institut für Fertigungstechnik und Angewandte Materialforschung, Bremen, Germany

There are many different techiques available for the detection of surface reactions. The QCM-D technology from Q-Sense allows the simultaneous measurement of thickness and mass of an adherent film as well as its visco-elastic properties in real time. It is also capable of detecting structural changes in the analysed layer during the experiment. Additionally the QCM-D system can be combined with other surface sensitive devices.

This seminar delivers some insight into the research in different application fields of practical QCM-D work as well as a general overview on the QCM-D technology and applications. It will be of interest to biologists, bio-engineers, biomedical engineers, physicists, chemists and material scientists who are interested in surface sciences and like to see an QCM-D system hands on. Q-Sense and LOT-QuantumDesign welcome you to this workshop free of charge.


10:00LOT + Q-Sense technique & product offering
10:30Coffee break
10:45Q-Sense applications at IFAM
Dr. Katharina Richter
11:00Application overview
12:00Questions and answers
12:30Lunch + coffee
14:00Parallel sessions:
1. QCM-D data interpretation
2. Q-Sense Analyzer: demo measurement: Mucin and BSA on gold

Language: English

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