In-situ TEM sample-management solutions workshop - including new Wildfire heating chip generation

Ernst Ruska-Centre, Forschungszenturm Jülich, Germany


LOT-QuantumDesign and DENSsolutions invite you to the Germany´s next In-situ TEM sample-management solutions workshop that will be held at the Ernst Ruska-Centre, Forschungszentum Jülich.

DENSsolutions offers a complete suite of In-situ sample management solutions for unrivalled high resolution imaging in Transmission Electron Microscopes (TEMs) under varying environmental conditions including Heating, Biasing, Gases & Liquids.

This workshop is aimed at both academic and industrial researchers that want to observe their materials / gases / liquids in varying real-time dynamic In-Situ TEM environments at high resolution.

The format of the day will include an introduction to the theory behind DENSsolutions MEMS based technology, along with an overview of applications in the fields of Materials Science, Chemistry, Microelectronics and Life Sciences.

There will also be a number of scientific presentations by leading researchers already using the DENSsolutions in-situ systems in Germany.

The days will include live practical demonstrations of the In-Situ systems Wildfire (heating) and Climate (gas heating) in action on the TEMs located at the prestige Electron Microscopy Suite at the Ernst Ruska-Centre, Jülich.

There will be a complimentary lunch provided on the day as well as all day refreshments.  Delegate places are strictly limited, so early registration is advised.

Registration is free and registration page will be online soon - you can also contact Dominic Vogt on +49 6151 8806 557 or email vogt@lot-qd.de.

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